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SATURDAY, September 23rd20-24 CLOCK
Pure Cum Party Twitter.jpg

Further dates: 
🧨Saturday, September 23rd, 2023 in the METROPOL SAUNA in FRANKFURT
🧨Saturday, October 14th, 2023 at JAILS in MANNHEIM
🧨Saturday, December 2nd, 2023 in the METROPOL SAUNA in FRANKFURT

Our party series consists of the following Gayromeo clubs (please note the admission requirements):

🌶️ Gangbang-for-Boys (members aged 18-30)
🌶️ Gangbang-for-Men (members 18-45)

We guarantee:
💦 hot group sex, but also fun for two or three
💦 horny, selected guys (access to the parties only for our club members)
💦 Before every party, all registered members receive a list of participants
💦 changing mottos: e.g. naked, fetish, foam party, fuck mare market,...
💦 the hottest gay and fetish locations in southern Germany
💦 Equipment: Slings, lawn, swings, dark rooms, glory holes, fuck buck, etc.
💦 awesome music.


🐷 Gangbang party with horny boys and men.

🐷 Access between 8 p.m. and midnight only via guest list.

🐷 The sauna is open to everyone from midnight until Monday morning.

Addresses/directions of the locations:
➡️you get it with the guest lists, orhere

🎗️ At the entrance, all party participants will receive rubber wristbands with a cloakroom number tag attached.
Active ones get a black band, passive ones get a white band, and universal ones get a black/white band. So everyone knows immediately where they stand.

Dress code:
👟 Underwear / sportswear, leather, rubber, army, naked,... street clothing is definitely not possible.
👟 Bathing shoes can be borrowed.

🚿 Shower and anal shower facilities are of course available, please bring an attachment with you. Shower gel and towels included.


🎫 Normal standard entry. Discount rates and discount cards (6-ticket cards, etc.) do not apply. Stamps can be collected in our stamp card app.

♂️ upload your hot pics to the gallery, that's also "advertising" for you.

🍆 We do gangbang parties, i.e. the focus should be on sex in the group. Of course, there are also options for 2 or 3 to withdraw. If one doesn't want to do anything with someone, a simple shake of the head or a wave is enough. This is accepted by all participants

🔐 Lockers in the  Guarded undress for each guest included. Valuables can be locked inside.

Guest list:
🔡 There is a provisional guest list for all registered members about a week before the party. If you don't like the participants, you have the option to cancel. 3 days before the party, the final guest list will be sent to all registered members.

🍺 You don't need any money at the bar. Drinks are charged as you go. With the card, amounts of money can be withdrawn in increments of €50.

☔ Please bring your own, condoms are always available free of charge at the bar and at the entrance

Party start:
🕰️ Entrance 8 p.m. - approx. 11 p.m., please note the information on the guest list

End of party:
🔚 Open end until the last ones leave. The sauna is open until Monday morning at 7 a.m. Your entry is valid for 10 hours. After that, every hour started is only 2.40.

Safe sex:
🦺 we do safe sex parties

🧹 We expect all participants to be clean and freshly showered. The possibilities for this are there.

Accommodation and ride options:
🛏️ Please offer ride-sharing and overnight accommodation optionsForumat.
One hand washes the other. It's not about sex, you'll have enough of that at the party, but about cooperation.

🔗 We ask all members to link the GR clubs and thus advertise them. It should be in everyone's interest that we keep recruiting new and hot members.

Reliable guide:
🗓️ We want to remain a lively club. Everyone agrees to come to a party within the first 6 months of their membership. After that, once a year is sufficient. This is doable for everyone. We delete anyone who is absent from a party without an excuse. You have the option to cancel via message or SMS.


🧨 We organize regular gangbang safe sex parties in Mannheim and Frankfurt
🧨 Different mottos e.g. Naked, fetish, bukkake underwear, fuck mare market, etc.

🧨And all of this only with our members!

🧨No entry for non-members between 8 p.m. and midnight!!!
🧨 The parties are announced approx. 4-6 weeks in advance in the club via newsletter and inTelegram chat announced.

🧨Dates are also in the club profile with further information, so plenty of time to plan.

Conditions for registration:

  1. At least 5,000 visitors to your GR profile

  2. Saved as known by at least 10 users

  3. Meaningful body and face pics must be visible in the profile or sent with registration. The pics will be deleted upon receipt.

  4. Everyone who becomes a new club member agrees to come to one of our parties within 9 months of joining. After that, we expect at least one participation in the parties every year. If not, we will delete these members and not include them again. We then assume a lack of interest.


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