Health aspects: provitamin-D and calcium deficiency

The bio-positive effects of artificial sunlight on our organism are not limited to very young people. There are even reasons that suggest that middle-aged people in particular should regularly visit a tanning salon. Osteoporosis: More and more elderly people suffer from bone loss and the causes go back decades. The bones have become porous and break easily over the years. In old age this can quickly turn you into a need for care - for example after a fracture of the femur.

Osteoporosis is caused by a lack of calcium. Calcium is deposited in the bones until around the age of 30 and hardens them. But it is also used in other areas of the body. And if you don't get enough calcium through your diet, your body will "steal" the mineral from your bones for years. Osteoporosis - with the consequences of a deteriorated bone architecture - develops. How can you prevent bone loss? With a calcium-rich diet, regular sunbathing and physical activity. We offer you all of this in the Metropol sauna. Mineral-rich drinks and food, a modern, regularly serviced solarium and a fully equipped training room with equipment for a customized workout.

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Your body needs vitamin D to be able to process calcium in the first place. And since vitamin D is extremely rare in food, Mother Nature has come up with something special. Vitamin D is the only vitamin that our body can produce itself. All he needs is the sun. When UV-B hits the skin, the cholesterol contained in the skin is converted into provitamin D. This provitamin D is converted into vitamin D by body heat within 24 hours.

But from October to March our sunlight contains almost no UV-B at all. Most of it gets stuck in the atmosphere. And so it happens that the body's own vitamin D production completely stops during this time, as Dr. Albrecht Falkenbach from the Gasteiner Heilstollen sanatorium. The result: Even if we eat high in calcium, our body cannot process the valuable mineral.

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Modern solariums with their UV-B rays help here. The rays are dosed so low that you cannot get sunburn if used correctly, but they are completely sufficient to stimulate the body's own vitamin D production even in winter. So you can do something for your tan - and strengthen your bones at the same time. Today for tomorrow.

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Solarium as an all-rounder in the service of your health

Even if one tries again and again to prove the opposite: Those who regularly go to a good tanning bed not only get an attractive tan, but also do something for their health at the same time. This has now been proven by a large number of scientific studies. The most recent example is the study by naturopath and kidney specialist Dr. Rolfdieter Krause from the Benjamin Franklin University Hospital in Berlin.

Dr. Krause started from an intra-European comparison: According to this, the blood pressure of people rises the further north they live. Conversely, the number of cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the blood vessels and the number of sudden cardiac deaths is significantly lower in southern Europe than in the north. One explanation for this is the more intense solar radiation around the Mediterranean. Dr. Krause has also been proven for the artificial sunlight from sunbeds.

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To do this, he sent young, healthy people as well as untrained and health-impaired members of a cardiac sports group specifically to the tanning bed for ten weeks. The result speaks for itself: The positive effect of artificial sunlight was clearly measurable in both groups. The subjects' blood pressure remained lowered for up to a year.

The effect on blood pressure is only one of the many bio-positive effects of UV light on the human organism. The following effects have also been proven by scientific studies:

  • The flow properties of the blood are improved.

  • The blood pressure and the risk of heart attack decrease.

  • The cholesterol level drops.

  • Vitamin D breakdown products protect against breast and colon cancer.

  • The UV light stimulates the production of certain immune cells that fight bacteria and viruses in the body. It is also used successfully against skin diseases.

  • UV rays increase performance.

  • The heart rate at rest and exercise decreases.