The app for all Android devices

US corporations are becoming increasingly strict when it comes to displaying sexual content. In our app we want to and will continue to talk about what happens or can happen in a gay sauna. We therefore decided not to offer the app in a censored version on Google Play, but to offer it freely and uncensored.


The installation is guaranteed not to require any special skills. Just follow this guide.


First, allow to install APK files. APK files are files that are also available on Google Play - censored by Google.


First open the smartphone's settings app.


  1. Select the "Security" item, then activate the "Unknown origin" function under "Device management".

  2. This setting is no longer available on newer Android devices, here you will be asked for permission after downloading.

  3. This function is already activated on many cell phones. Ignore the warnings and never install apps of unknown origin!

If you are reading on the PC: Now take your mobile device and go to (this page).


Select the green UnCut button on the cell phone (left) and ignore the warnings.

A message about the successful download will appear very quickly in the notification line. Tap the hint. Now you can carry out the installation protected in a few seconds.

Sicherheit unbekannt Herkunft.jpg