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American companies are strict when it comes to displaying certain content. In our app we want and will continue to report on what happens in a gay sauna. That's why we only offer the app in an uncensored version.


  • Open the Settings app on your smartphone.

  • Select the “Security” item.

  • Under “Device Management,” enable the “Unknown Origin” feature. This function is already activated on many cell phones. Ignore the warnings.

  • This setting no longer exists on newer Android devices; you will be asked for permission later.

QR-Code https android.png
  • Go to the QR code with the camera and follow the link or tap the ANDROID UNCUT symbol. Ignore any warnings.

  • If in doubt, simply download the web-based APP, nothing will be installed on your phone.

  • You will receive a message that the download was successful. Tap on this message and the installation will be completed safely in a few seconds.
    On newer Android devices you will now be asked whether you want to allow installation from an “unknown” source. Answer “Yes” to this question.

Ask for the stamp every time you visit! Stamps are also available for reduced entries, e.g. 6-ticket or Youngster. You can find all information in the app.

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