Keys Fitness KF-1860 multi-gym
Gay Sauna Frankfurt, Homo Sauna Frankfurt

Complex multifunctional muscle trainer. Allows an even training of all muscle groups. The training intensity is comparable to that of a professional studio device.

  • The device has a Pec Dec element for quality breast training.

  • The adjustable press arm offers easy setting of the individual starting position for chest, shoulder and back training.

  • A special component of the KF-1860 is the self-adjustable roller for leg extension, which adapts to the length of the leg during this exercise.

  • Height adjustment of the seat in 10 positions.

  • Adjustment of the backrest (horizontal) in 7 positions.

  • The incline of the movable backrest guarantees the correct posture during training and pleasant and effective use of the device.

  • Padding of the thigh rest: When pulling the upper cable pull, this rest holds the user's thighs in the correct position.

  • Possibility of setting for leg extensions and squats and Pec Dec.

  • The high quality upholstery is double stitched. The special vinyl material is resistant to bacteria, mold and stains.

  • You can choose the number of weight plates with an insert pin, which is secured against loss by an emergency rope.

  • The description on the lid of the weight stack represents all the basic exercises that can be performed with this device. The pictures not only show you posture during the exercises, but also the trained muscle groups.

  • Truck drawbar with pivot point.

  • Straight turning bar.

  • Ankle and triceps strap.

  • Two side handles.