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Our contributions to resource conservation and environmental protection

  • We only use 100% strictly certified natural electricity from renewable energies.

  • By using the appropriate conditions and BahnCards, all business trips are carried out exclusively by train and with 100% green electricity. The Metropol sauna does not have a company car and only uses public transport or bicycles.

  • We procure services as CO2-neutral as possible, ie we compensate (eg for printed products) or order services without CO2 emissions.

  • We heat rooms, shower water and whirlpool with environmentally friendly district heating.

  • The metropolitan sauna is air-conditioned with water cooling fans in an environmentally friendly and energy-saving manner even in midsummer.

  • Our machine park uses as little electricity and water as possible.

  • Hot water from the whirlpool is used to flush the toilet.

  • Our laundry is dried in an energy-saving drying room to save energy.

  • We use - wherever possible - recycled and / or recyclable products.

  • Avoiding waste is a top priority for us. The separation of recyclables is in second place.

  • If possible, we use returnable returnable bottles. We actively address our suppliers and manufacturers.

  • We strive for an open dialogue with suppliers with the aim of being able to source healthy and environmentally friendly products at fair prices. This applies in particular to our large selection of natural fragrances and essences for scenting saunas.

  • We take care to work with manufacturers who treat their employees fairly and fairly and who have firmly integrated environmental and resource protection into their corporate goals.

  • Detergents and disinfectants are carefully dosed and used in a targeted manner

  • We prefer organic products for an increasing proportion of our food and drinks. More on this in our menu.

  • We also offer our guests vegetarian and vegan dishes.

  • We avoid using products with long delivery routes and buy regional products as much as possible.

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