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For your health

The philosophy of the Metropol-Sauna is to only offer quality products that support you in the sauna and sustainably increase your well-being. For example, we do not sell inferior table water, but rather original Gerolsteiner from the Vulkaneifel with natural spring carbonic acid.

Freshly squeezed orange juice made from whole fruits gives you a refreshing vitamin kick and supports your body in detoxification after a sauna session.

fresh pressed orange juice

Our regionally produced fruit juices from Rapp's or Möller are not only very tasty and varied, but also extremely healthy.

Möller fruit juice
Rapp's fruit juice

We offere selected premium beers from Bitburger, König Pilsener, Erdinger, Corona or Früh. Of course, popular regional brands such as Licher or Stauder can also be found in our range.

Erdinger Weissbräu Hefe Hell, Dunkles Hefe, Alkoholfreies Hefeweizen
Bitburger Premium Pils

Selected excellent wines are light to fruity and are definitely a welcome addition to a delicious meal.

Fries with ketchup or mayo

Whether a top piccolo from Geldermann or the great Lanson champagne for very special moments: we always have the right drink for sparkling experiences.

Delicious salad variations

All of our dishes are freshly prepared with great care. Some of them are only available seasonally. We ask for a little patience after your order.

Pizza ganz frisch

We attach great importance to freshness, regionality and your health. That is why we are increasingly opting for organically produced products with a regional reference when shopping.

Magnum Eiscreme

Of course, popular national brands (e.g. Magnum ice cream) also have a permanent place in the Metropol-Sauna range.

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