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Solarium in der Metropol-Sauna

Healthy tan in the

Metropol sauna


2 Euro coin for solarium

Our extraordinary Ergoline Ambition 250 tanning bed has 36 UV lamps of 100 watts in super power and 3 facial tanners of 400 watts with aluminum reflector and VIT filter discs. Also: Surround Tan technology for an intense and even tan. The Body Curve concept with curved acrylic panels in the upper part and lying surface stands for a particularly even tan from head to toe.

The large fan at the foot end develops enormous ventilation power, which makes the tanning session a fresh experience. The control panel with digital time display, which is arranged above the head, is child's play to operate thanks to the clear layout and clear symbols of the buttons. The device is contractually serviced on a regular basis and the tubes are replaced in good time. You can find the solarium in the fitness room.

Please think of sensible eye protection. Closing your eyes is not enough. Eye protection goggles are available at the bar.

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