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FISH TALES, the pinball machine in the Metropol sauna.

  • In December 2015, we set up a new pinball machine for you to "relax" in between and to socialize. A device from 1992 that is almost impossible to find in Germany any more. Always well looked after and maintained by Christof. FISH TALES has an absolutely good sound.

  • A flipper with a moveable tail. This is the eye catcher!

  • You can easily play this pinball longer because it is very varied and easy to use; according to the motto: "Always good for a game"

  • Special features are: a moving fish in the head part of the pinball machine, a boat in the form of a double ramp, the catapult on the fishing rod, video mode, 3 balls, 2 pinball fingers, 2 ramps, 3 tower towers, 1 spinner, launch in the form of a fishing rod, country music .

  • No more pinball machines (13,631) were built. Even so, there are only a few functional devices left.

  • More information on the YouTube videos.

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