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hygiene room

In order to improve hygiene in our hygiene room in Frankfurt , we are announcing that from now on the hygiene room may and can only be used with an attachment.


You can bring your own 1/2" attachment or buy one for permanent use. We have matching attachments made of plastic and precious metal in stock. Your attachment should be shown to the staff discreetly when the key is borrowed.


Please leave the room clean and dry after use and be sure to lock it. After returning the key, an employee checks the state of hygiene.


In the event of soiling or flooding, a cleaning fee of €33 will be charged without request, since basic cleaning is not included in the usage fee. The hygiene room is not available to the next guests until it is cleaned!


Everyone wants this room to be in the same clean condition, so fair play is the order of the day.


Many Thanks!!


Your metropolitan sauna

Information about the new hygiene room in Essen will be available shortly!

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