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Opinions of our guests.

Just got back from the bi-party (which is still in full swing). It was definitely the best and hottest party I've ever had. Sooooo many horny guys and a lot of hot girls in between! Madness! Such parties can take place more often! I have never seen the sauna so fully! Thanks for the great evening!

oli_1987 in the GayRomeo guestbook

This corona is something on my sack. I can arrange with almost anything - but the fact that I have to skip the Metropol is absolutely horrible for me! Please hold on and keep going.

Ronaldo on the phone

Dear team, thank you to everyone in the team for the work and effort you put in. It is nice that you feel comfortable with yourself, and if you come back after a long time, there is still a WOW effect. This is your merit. Great performance. Happy Holidays for all of you. THANKS for 2014. For the new year only the BEST for all of you.

Andi in a GayRomeo message

Top sauna, great location, mega friendly staff, clean, fair prices, horny guys ..... What more do you want ...
Sylvester will be there

Christian on Facebook

I always like to come to you when I am in Frankfurt. There are few saunas that are so clean and well managed. What I particularly like: There is always something new!

Jan D., by email

The atmosphere with you is just great! Had an unforgettable experience !!! Would love to come back !!!!

Eric, by email

always worth a visit I like to be with you

Tom on Facebook

... I like that you offer a different program every day. In addition, young and old come together well in the truest sense of the word. It's not that arrogant and I feel respect. From now on I will always come in the afternoon because I have noticed that a lot of nice people will meet with you.

(abbreviated) Thomas, in a message about GayRomeo

Megacool staff ... good music, good selection of drinks ... you can eat there flawlessly ... and the world's best whirlpool .... I think the entry is more than fair for being there so well cared for so long

Bebo on Facebook

Now I wanted to get rid of the fact that I really enjoyed your stay on Thursday afternoon. A warm greeting to the friendly man from the bar. What else? Nice guests and a good sauna.

Torsten R., using the contact form

I visited your youngster party for the first time yesterday. At first thought that only arrogant youngsters were running around, but it was relaxed and relaxed. I am also interested in your other theme days.

Dominique, in a message about GayRomeo

I liked it so much at the weekend that I spontaneously asked if you were looking for someone to work with ...

Francesco R., on the phone

Today was the first time in the Metropol Sauna and was totally thrilled. I will definitely come back more often. Hadn't been that much fun in a long time.

Skysurfer80 in GayRomeo's guest book

Your sauna is just awesome! Looking forward to tomorrow's visit again.

Mark_PLZ97 in GayRomeo's guestbook

THANKS THANKS for introducing Wet Day. That is the greatest enrichment, exactly what was missing. It was yesterday - on October 28th, 2013 - very cool and this will be a fixed date in my calendar, for sure !!

Peter in GayRomeo's guest book

Was in your sauna for the second time today and I really enjoyed it again. The staff was friendly and the relaxation great :) Keep it up.

TomServo in GayRomeo's guest book

I am often in your sauna, I think it's super cool, you always meet new friends. greeting

Jan in GayRomeo's guestbook

The best in town

Peter on Facebook

OH yes that was fun :) look forward to next time in Ffm

TheEntertainer in GayRomeo's guest book

Was really great on the penultimate Thursday, also the massage, unfortunately I could only enjoy the massage for half an hour, but the next time it was longer

Mark_PLZ97 in GayRomeo's guestbook

Big praise to you! The sauna is really great! Horny music ... clean ... friendly staff ... great location .... great prices! Happy New!!! :)

Xscape in GayRomeo's guestbook

I was only in Frankfurt for one day and it was worth it. A new, modern and clean sauna. Crusing area at its best and the steam sauna is also great. Prices at the bar are normal and I would even eat there on my next visit. The card also reads deliciously. The staff was very attentive and really friendly. Thanks for the great evening Oh yes, there was enough to f ......

Torsten on Facebook

Horny sauna, like to go there a week even though the weekend is the busiest. Nice people work there and I think that it is not as funny as in other saunas, where there are smelling carpets everywhere and the furnishings look like my grandmother's. Which I also think is good that younger people have to pay less.

RamonWi in GayRomeo's guest book

Congratulations on the one year old. all the best for next year. I always enjoy coming to you.

René in GayRomeo's guestbook

I was there and I have to say super awesome sauna. Only more people have to go in because there is enough space. The steam sauna is cool to use. The sauna is easy to find. Konstablerwache at the toilets go up on the right you see Mc Donald in the street, on the left after dm-drugstore and Optic the entrance is on the left and then on the 1st floor.

Andylive in GayRomeo's guest book

I am often there and always find it nice, it is clean, the staff is always nice and friendly, and every time I come there is an improvement to make you feel even better, keep it up, envious and never satisfied.

Miro1958 in GayRomeo's guestbook

Most beautiful and best sauna in Germany. Not too expensive, solid. Has everything it needs. I am almost always happy when I see the people working there - really great. Above all, clean and very well thought out. After the move it was a bit difficult, but a lot was done and almost every day there is something new, sometimes only a little something often something big. High praise for the steam sauna with the many possibilities - no sauna in Germany offers that!

Tangled panda on Facebook

Super nice staff!

Niklas on Facebook

Been there for the first time today and I have to say it's nice. Service was very friendly. A nice big sauna something different. Smoking room, TV room. Everything your heart desires. We will come back in any case.

Runnermz in the guest book on GayRomeo

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