questions and answers

What is the average age of your guests?

In general, one can say that the Metropol sauna is valued by men of all ages. But the later the day, the younger the audience, especially on weekends. Entry of course only from the age of 18.

What advantages do I have with the 6-pass card?

First of all when it comes to the price, because entry costs you a sixth less with the 6-entry card. That's why the card is called "Pay five - have six". But there is more: If you stay longer than 10 hours, you save on every started hour. In addition, the 6-pass card is valid in all Metropol saunas and the XL sauna in Saarbrücken. So if you like to travel, just visit one of our partner saunas at the usual low price!

Stamp card, what is it?

This is an offer that you know from your baker. With us, the stamp card is built into the Metropol sauna app. With every entry you will receive a code for a stamp. For 10 stamps there is a free entry. You also get the stamp for discounted admissions. All information here.

Can i go in?

Every guest is warmly welcome as long as he is at least 18 years old and is not recognizable under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

What discounts do you have?

A look at our price table for Frankfurt or Essen will help you here. The easiest way is to buy a 6-card and use the stamp card from our app. So you always save and have no time restrictions. The night sauna from 1 a.m. is also very cheap for just 10.00. We also recommend membership in the Gay-Romeo-Club "Metropol-Sauna", because then you will receive the password for the GR day (last Saturday of the month) and save 5 euros on normal entry.

Am I welcome as a gay trans * man / woman?

If you feel that you belong to the gay community as a trans *, you are welcome in the Metropol-Sauna. Please respect that some gay men do not like to see female genitals and breasts.

Can I go online with my own device in the Metropol sauna?

Yes, we have set up a WLAN guest access for our guests. You don't need a password. Use is free of charge. Please note that the transmitter covers the bar area and directly adjacent areas.

What do I do with my valuables in the Metropol sauna?

It is best to keep your Rolex, thick wallet and family jewelry at home in the safe. Our cabinets are made of sheet steel, manufactured in the best German workmanship and equipped with real heavy locks. In addition, the changing area is constantly monitored by cameras.

I don't have a hair gel with me, can I get one from you?

We'll be happy to lend you some free of charge. Just ask about it at the bar. Please don't forget to return the tube.

Where's the foot sprayer?

Health authorities and dermatologists advise against using foot disinfection devices. It is important to wear bathing shoes and to keep your feet dry after using the sauna.

Are drinks in the Metropol sauna more expensive than in restaurants?

No, on the contrary. Our drink prices are mostly in the lower segment. After sweating you should drink a lot and we don't want to hinder that with high prices.

My skin is dry after taking a sauna. Why?

This is completely normal, because showering and heat cause your skin to lose protective fats. So your skin has been cleansed well. If you don't have a body lotion with you and ask at the bar, we'll be happy to lend you some free of charge. Please don't forget to return the bottle.

My skin is dry after taking a sauna. Why?

This is completely normal, because showering and heat cause your skin to lose protective fats. So your skin has been cleansed well. If you don't have a body lotion with you and ask at the bar, we'll be happy to lend you some free of charge. Please don't forget to return the bottle.

I don't want to have a sauna today, but I would like a massage, is that possible?

Call Essen on 0201 - 76 504 804 or Frankfurt 069 - 175 09 115 and make an appointment for a massage. We only add € 3.80 to the massage price for locker, towel and shower if you do not want to use the rest of the wellness program.

How do I pay for my drinks at the bar?

Leave your money and valuables in the locked cupboard. Your consumption, massages and all other services will be credited to your key number. You can conveniently pay everything together while walking. However, we would like to make an interim invoice from € 50.

How many hours did I pay my entry for?

Basically, entry is paid for 10 hours. With some tariffs there are deviations which are explained here for Frankfurt and for Essen. After the specified hours, NO new entry is due. Only additional started hours will be charged.

What is the easiest way to find out what's going on in the Metropol sauna?

By simply joining the Gay-Romeo Club "Metropol-Sauna". Then you will receive regular newsletters with current information. You also get the password for the GayRomeo day (every last Saturday of the month) and save 5 euros on entry.

What is included in the entrance fee, what do I have to bring with me?

You can come by spontaneously at any time, we have everything there. The price includes a rental towel and a cupboard. Swimming trunks are not required when you put on the bath towel. You can borrow hair gel and body lotion free of charge. You can dry your hair with our professional hair dryer. We are happy to borrow bathing shoes, bath robes and additional towels for a small fee.

Do you also have larger towels for my waist size?

Just ask for it when you come in. We are happy to have jumbo scarves ready for you.

Why do you have surveillance cameras?

For several reasons: Probably the most important one is the deterrent effect. In the Metropol sauna there is no need to break open the locker because of the high-quality sheet steel cabinets and we do everything to prevent theft.

Keys left lying around carelessly have occasionally led to objects being lost. The camera data can be used to clarify what happened.

The cameras give the staff a good overview of what is going on (the cashier can see that you want to order something at the bar) and that helps us to respond to your requests faster and better.

The data is stored in encrypted form for a few days and is never passed on to private individuals (not even those affected). The staff has no access to the externally stored records. Upon request, only investigative authorities are granted access.

How can I pay in the Metropol sauna?

Quick and easy with cash.

Do you have a shaving kit, toothbrush or deodorant with you?

Yes, we have a wide range of personal care products. You can get these things - and more - at the bar. Guaranteed not expensive.

Basically yes. In Frankfurt everything is on one level and there are no stairs. In the entrance area there is a step with a ramp. If you need help opening the door, just give us a call, we will be happy to help.
In Essen, the sauna area is spread over 3 levels, which unfortunately can only be reached via stairs. The garden can also be reached via a staircase. A barrier-free renovation is planned for the long term.

As a disabled man, am I welcome in the Metropol sauna?

Is there a whirlpool in the Metropol sauna?

Yes, there is a carefully maintained whirlpool with a powerful bubble pump in both saunas.

Can I take photos or film in the Metropol sauna?

In principle, this is not permitted without our written approval. We only give such approval to our craftsmen or suppliers outside of opening hours for their professional purposes. (For example, the cigarette man must explain how he filled the machine. Therefore, after filling the machine, he takes a photo of it). All other recordings (including with the mobile phone) are prohibited and we demand - to protect our guests - an immediate deletion of all recordings.

Can I smoke in the Metropol sauna?

No and yes! In principle, smoking is not allowed in our rooms. We have a cozy smoker's lounge with leather sofas and flat-screen TV. There - very close to the bar - the smokers make themselves comfortable. Smoking in all areas (in Essen also on the terrace and in the garden) is not permitted by law. A fire alarm system connected to the fire brigade's headquarters is installed in Frankfurt. If the alarm is triggered, the fire brigade will be there in any case and there will be costs of approx. € 750, which we will demand back from the person who caused it.

I'm not gay, can I still go in?

Yes. Metropol sauna is a sauna for all men. Witr have many bi men among our guests. Even straight men who are keen to experiment and who simply want to try something new are at the right (feel-good) place with us.